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Breaking Change in Kirki 4

We are going to release Kirki this month (November, 2021) and I want to bring one breaking change to your attention.

If you have custom controls registered with Kirki, the following change needs to be implemented asap.

Usually, when registering a custom control with Kirki, you would do something like this:

class Prefix_Your_Custom_Control extends Kirki_Control_Base { ...

This needs to be changed. Even though we have aliases in place for the Kirki_Control_Base class, you may run into race condition issues.

Please change Kirki_Control_Base to Kirki\Control\Base. Your final code would look something like this:

class Prefix_Your_Custom_Control extends Kirki\Control\Base { ...

Kirki 4 Release

We are currently putting the finishing touches on Kirki 4. If you are not already in the private Facebook group where we discuss features & issues, please join us. We have planned to release Kirki 4 at the end of this month (November, 2021).

Final Chance to test the Beta

If you haven’t tested the latest Beta, this is your final chance to do so and ensure it’s smooth sailing for everyone once v4 launches.

You can download the beta here.

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