Launch Offer – Kirki PRO is now available! 🚀Get it while it lasts!

Kirki 4 will break your Theme… 😕

…or at least there is a high chance for it to happen if you don’t test the current Beta right now!

Now that I have your attention, Kirki 4 – Beta 2 is now available! 🥳

We’ve spent the past few weeks fixing issues reported in our Facebook group (please join!).

Join the Conversation & Report Issues

If you’re a Kirki user, please join us and help test Kirki 4. All themes are built differently and while we have tested the current beta with some themes we know are using Kirki, we simply can’t test them all.

What has changed?

As mentioned above, we have fixed a bunch of bugs with the Beta 2 release.

Here are some of the changes we have made:

  • Revamped the Typography control
  • Fixed bugs with the automatic CSS generation (CSS Module)
  • Fixed a bug where multiple radio controls are used in the same panel
  • Fixed a bug where multiselect field doesn’t work
  • & more minor fixes & improvements

Things are coming along nicely and we prepare to launch Kirki 4 later this month.

Download Kirki 4 – Beta 2

Please download the Beta 2 at the link below.

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