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Kirki 4 is now in Beta

Hey everyone,

I’m super excited to let you know that Kirki 4 is now in public Beta!

In this article, I quickly want to highlight how to test Kirki 4, where to provide feedback and what the next steps are.

Get involved – Test Kirki 4

To test Kirki 4 in your project, please download Kirki 4 Beta here. Depending on how you have incorporated Kirki in your theme, you can simply install the plugin and give it a go.

We simply can’t test Kirki 4 with all themes.

If you are using Kirki in your project, it is very important you test v4 with your theme RIGHT NOW!

Please make sure the current beta runs smoothly with your theme and report bugs & issues if you run into any.

Where to report Issues & provide Feedback

We have decided to collect feedback in a private Facebook group at this point in time. Please join us there.

Release Date

We have planned to launch Kirki 4 in 1 month from now if everything goes as expected.

A possible release date would be November 15th.

Of course, this might change if we run into any major issues during the testing phase.

Wrapping up

We are currently testing Kirki 4 with our very own Page Builder Framework theme. So far, we didn’t run into any major issues.

It’s not being said that you won’t, please test Kirki 4 with your theme as soon as you can!

So far, we are very happy with how Kirki 4 is coming together. We are currently finalizing the design & look of some of the controls, especially the new color picker. Generally speaking, we tried not to change things too much to begin with. We tried to keep the look and feel similar to what it has been in version 3.

On the flipside, we have to embrace change and give some of the controls a more modern look. This is something that we will look into more & very carefully after the release of Kirki 4.

Thank you for testing Kirki 4.

I hope to see you in the Facebook Group! 🙂


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