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Kirki 4 is now available

The day has finally come! I’m happy to let you know that Kirki 4 is now live on

What a tough ride this was.

First of all, I want to thank Ari again for trusting us with this project and allowing us to take over Kirki in early 2020.

Another big shoutout to Bagus, who joined us in 2019 as the lead developer for projects like Ultimate Dashboard & Kiri. This would have not been possible without you my friend.

Changes & Improvements

Kirki 4 is a complete refactor of the entire codebase. Let me briefly cover what changes we have made since we have taken over Kirki.

Probably the most noticable change is the new color-picker which uses react-colorful for maximum performance.

Listing all the changes in v4 is pretty much impossible so here is a small list of notable mentions:

  • Improved select control using react-select
  • Improved typography field
  • Improved multicolor field
  • Improved color palette control
  • Improved dimensions field
  • & an endless list of under the hood improvements
  • & bug-fixes

Breaking Change

As mentioned in a previous blog post, there is one breaking change which will affect themes/plugins that have custom controls registered with Kirki.

Usually, when registering a custom control with Kirki, you would do something like this:

class Prefix_Your_Custom_Control extends Kirki_Control_Base { ...

This needs to be changed. Even though we have aliases in place for the Kirki_Control_Base class, you may run into race condition issues.

Please change Kirki_Control_Base to Kirki\Control\Base. Your final code would look something like this:

class Prefix_Your_Custom_Control extends Kirki\Control\Base { ...

Report Issues & Get Support

With the release of Kirki 4, we will resume support on GitHub.

Even though we have battle-tested Kirki 4 – for instance in our very own Page Builder Framework theme – we expect some things will break for other users.

It’s simply impossible for us to test Kirki 4 with all themes out there that are using Kirki. Therefore, we will be here and ready to push emergency fixes asap if necessary after the release.

Kirki 4 has been in public beta since early October and people have reported issues since then in our private Facebook group.

If you run into any issues after updating to Kirki 4, please create an issue here.

Join The Community

Please take a moment to join our Facebook group. All announcements & updates will be posted there first.


The documentation will be updated soon to reflect the changes made in Kirki 4. Quite a few things have changed but since version 4 is fully backwards compatible, we decided to roll out v4 before updating the docs. We will gradually update the docs in the upcoming weeks.

You will find the full documentation on Kirki 3 here. Please keep in mind that Kirki 3 is no longer actively supported.

Kirki PRO

What’s next you might ask?

Well, we have just started to work on Kirki PRO. To give you a sneak-peek on what’s to come, here are a 2 screenshots of the modules we are currently working on:

By no means are these final designs or controls – this is just for you to get an idea on what we are working on to kick things off with Kirki PRO.

As you can see, one of the first few extensions will be:

  • A Headline, Divider & Headline-Toggle Control
  • Tabs
  • & Responsive Controls

Wrapping Up

I’m excited that Kirki 4 is finally here. It took us quite a while to get to this point but I’m happy that Kirki 4 is now out. This will allow us to focus on Kirki PRO & make sure Kirki will get more stable & mature with the upcoming releases.

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