Launch Offer – Kirki PRO is now available! 🚀Get it while it lasts!

Kirki PRO is now live! 🚀

I’m excited to let you know that Kirki PRO is now live! 🥳

In this post I will go over the all the individual extensions that are now available in Kirki PRO.

PRO Extensions

All Kirki extensions are available as standalone packages that can be used on an unlimited amount of themes & plugins. There is also a bundle which is currently available at a reduced price that combines all individual extensions as well as all future extensions that we are going to release.

To kick things off, we are starting with the following extensions for Kirki PRO:

  • Tabs
  • Input Slider
  • Responsive Controls
  • Headlines & Dividers
  • Margin & Padding Control

Let’s have a look at each of the extensions.


As the name suggests, the Tabs extension allows you to organize your controls tabs. This makes sense on panels with tons of controls to better categorize your theme options.

A great use case would be to combine layout & design options into their respective tabs as shown on the gif below.

Responsive Controls

Responsive Controls is one of the most powerful Kirki PRO extensions. It allows users to choose a value for desktops, tablets & mobile devices individually.

With the Responsive Controls extension, the following controls can be converted into responsive controls:

  • Color
  • Checkbox
  • Switch
  • Toggle
  • Dimension
  • Dimensions
  • Image
  • Number
  • Slider
  • Input Slider
  • Margin & Padding
Example of a responsive color field

Input Slider

The Input Slider is a hybrid control that combines the slider control & input field. This makes for a much better user experience. In addition to that, the Input Slider allows for all possible units as shown on the screenshot below.

Input Slider example

Margin & Padding

Kirki already comes with the Dimensions control. Though, a dedicated Margin & Padding control makes much more sense if you don’t want your users to have the ability to mess with units. Instead, you provide the unit for them in one convenient & easy to use control.

Headlines & Dividers

The Headlines & Dividers extension is another great tool to further optimize the user experience for your customers in the WordPress customizer.

With lots of options, the customizer panel gets cluttered quite easily. This extension will allow you to categorize & structure your controls with Headlines, Dividers & Headline Toggles.

Headline & Headline Toggle example
Divider example

Launch Offer 🚀 – Grab it while it lasts!

As a part of our launch offer, all Kirki PRO extensions can currently be purchased as a bundle.

It is not only available at a reduced price, it will also include all future Kirki PRO extensions.

But hurry up, the price for the bundle will go up soon!

In fact, we might remove the bundle after the initial launch period. Learn more about the Kirki PRO bundle & all individual extensions.

Grab it while it lasts!


  • Always great to see that good extensions become successful and getting bought by a big company that squeezes every little bit out of the damn customers. I already pay around 900€ per year for a couple of extensions for one site.
    A few hundred bugs for a function i barely use, sounds awesome.

    • Hi Bernd,

      Thank you for sharing your concerns – I’m happy to address them.

      We have put pretty much all our resources into Kirki 4 the past 6 months.

      With Kirki PRO we are bringing some more advanced features such as responsive controls, tabs & more to theme developers. Lots of these features were developed based on personal needs & more importantly: customer feedback.

      From your comment it sounded like you might not actually need Kirki PRO. Those new features are geared mainly towards theme developers that build free & commercial themes. This would rarely make sense on a single-site project imho.

      Kirki PRO has been very well received & we are excited to bring some more features to bundle owners, as well as release additional extensions in the near future.

      If there are any controls or features you would love to see next, please let us know.

  • Glad to see this plugin is growing as it’s really the only plugin that does what it does. I hope to see Kirki start making it’s way into Gutenberg block editor as there is no intuitive way for theme and plugin devs to add UI controls to blocks.

    Is this something on Kirki’s radar? Seeing as FSE (Full Site Editing) appears to be leaving the customizer behind.


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